A Halloween Flavour Explosion!

Burukat? Boorukat!

⚠️️ Please exchange your Burukat for free as soon as possible⚠️️

It seems that the latest batch of Burukatz was contaminated with harmful materials, but worry not, cause we have enabled a special, exclusive, incredible time-limited offer!

Bring us your original Burukat and we will give you a new Boorukat FREE OF CHARGE!

Simply visit the exchange center and use the recycling machine in our factory for a completely automated full-self service amazing experience! Please keep in mind that you need a Burukat for this to work. If you don’t have an original Burukat, keep on reading.

Exchange for FREE

No OG Burukat? No Problem!

Of course we haven’t been able to recall them all, so if you want to participate in this incredible, exclusive, limited, time-sensitive halloween special offer, simply order a your OG Burukat! You can get them right here, but who knows for how much longer...

LEGAL NOTICE: Burukatz come in random flavor assortments. Our product may contain traces of peanuts and we are not responsible of any harmful materials encountered or consumed. Buruka has given everyone full notice of the recall request and is fully encouraging all its consumers to exchange their Burukatz for Boorukatz. By minting Burukatz you therefore agree to take all the responsability for whatever you consume and the consequences it might entail.

But... Is Your Costume Ready!?

To celebrate this incredible, time-exclusive, time-limited amazing offer, we have released some equally amazing, time-limited, exclusive, special Halloween apparel!

Yes, of course we have worldwide shipping! No, no, this is not candy! These are real physical apparel items... with limited supply available!

Buruka Tee

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Buruka Hoodie

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Special Not-So-Secret Halloween Commemorative Token? Well Of Course!

Of course we love halloween as much as you do! And because of that, and because of our incredible, amazing, exclusive, time-limited Halloween offer we have created a special commemorative poster featuring our favorite candy consumers in the world!

High Definition Digital Metaverse-Ready Poster

Mint Poster

What the heck even are Burukatz?!
Well, glad you asked!

Burukatz are the latest product from Buruka. They are a unique collection of delicious dessert katz. Yes, they are fully edible, don’t worry about it.

But now Buruka is releasing a special halloween edition of Burukatz! You can get this collection by exchanging and OG Burukat. OG Burukatz are still available, but who knows for how much more...

Anyway, watch this video!

Mint OG Burukatz!